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Requests for letters of recommendation

by Ann Abbott


I am happy to write letters of recommendation for my students and colleagues! It is wonderful to see people grow as they leave one stage of their life/career and move to another. Since the vast majority of my students are really engaged, committed, smart and responsible, my letters are almost always very detailed and positive. However, I am also honest; if you had poor attendance, bad grades, etc., please ask someone else for a letter of recommendation.


In order to write the strongest letter possible, I request that you send me (arabbott@illinois.edu) the following information:


Basic information

  • Course(s) you took with me and during what semester(s). Example: SPAN 232 "Spanish in the Community" during Fall 2011. 
  • Final grade for the course. 
  • If I supervised your teaching, courses you taught with me and during which semester(s). 


Community Service Learning (CSL) Information

  • Where did you do your CSL work? Example: ECIRMAC, SOAR, Leal School, etc.


Other Information

  • What did you learn from the course and/or your CSL work that is applicable to the program or job to which you are applying? Please write this as a brief paragraph or bullet points; don't feel that you need to write a lot.
  • Did you do an honors project for the course? Tell me what it was and what you gained from it.
  • Is there an essay or project that you did for the course that you would like me to mention in the letter? 
  • Did you study abroad? Where and for how long?  


My request to you

  • I like to highlight student successes and interesting programs on my blog. I think it is very important for current Spanish students to have positive models to emulate. Please let me know if I may use your information in a blog post, along with a picture of you. It's not necessary--I will still write your letter!--but if it is okay let me know and send me a picture.


My contact information

E-mail: arabbott@illinois.edu

Mailing address: Dept. of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, 4080 FLB, 707 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: 217-333-3390

Facebook: Ann Abbott

Twitter: @AnnAbbott

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/AbbottBarbieri

Blog: http://spanishandillinois.blogspot.com/


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